I’m With Her

Tuesday’s election carries so much weight; for my two boys, our country, and the future of our planet. When I read anything suggesting that Donald Trump is within reach of the presidency, I get mad. To me, a vote for Trump is like an erratic driver on the road; it could potentially have an imminent and catastrophic result on my life as I know it, and the lives of my kids, but I can’t do anything about it…except cast my vote and hope sanity prevails. And that is what is different about this election. We are in unprecedented (and in my opinion dangerous) territory if the best ‘woman’ doesn’t win. President Obama said it best— If you can’t be trusted with a twitter account, you can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, or the enormous power of the presidency.

But I am not voting for Hillary because of how much I don’t want the other guy. I am voting for her because she is clearly the most qualified and worthy candidate for the job. I am with her because while arguably the most lowbrow, racist, sexist, narcissistic, and unqualified candidate for president our nation has ever seen has arrogantly interrupted, intimidated, threatened and insulted her; she has handled herself with grace and integrity—even smiling. And she did it for all of us. She went high instead of low, time and time again. She did it for the America she believes we are. I am with her to show her she was right; we are worthy of the s***show she has endured.

I am with her for the millions of young women and girls who deserve more than to be objectified and reduced to a number from 1-10. I am with her for the millions of young boys and men, including two of my own, who deserve more than a misogynist for a president. I am with her because I believe as a nation we are better than racist. Better than sexist. Better than hateful. Better than discriminatory. Better than a wall dividing us. I’m with her because she has never told me that a vote for her is a vote against someone else.

My vote for her is a vote for equality, for human rights, for women, for choice, for diversity, for our environment, and for preserving our place among a world of nations that is So. Much. Bigger. than just our country.

When we get into our cars, with our kids buckled into the back seat, and take the leap of faith that we are safe; we are counting on one another to keep our eyes on the road ahead. I am with her because we are stronger together; and I believe that the way forward is with love and trust in each other, not hate.

Safe driving, safe voting, and see you all on the other side of this madness!